Are you good with:

  • Customer support?
  • Own economy?
  • Vehicles and engines?
  • Sales and service?

Do you want to:

  • Run your own company?
  • Meet customers «face to face»?
  • Travel around?
  • Offer one of the best products in the industry?
  • Get all the support you need?

If the answer is YES, contact us

And join the Optituning family!


Through Optituning’s franchise concept, we can offer you to run your own business as a Optituning dealer in your country and region.

Our business model

Since 2011 Optituning has been a well known company in the industry and we have had our fair share of up’s and down’s. With this in mind, we are able to deliver something to our dealers that competitors don’t have; self develop tools for support and one of the best sales and customer service platforms. Combine this with the knowledge from every Optituning dealer, you get a product that gives you a unique customer service.

Everyone that wants to be in the franchise gets the training they need during startup and their own region to work in. In addition they get access to our app that helps with sales and information and our web based help center that supplies you with marketing materials, training videos and manuals for tools and more.

You get your own region in your country and work with you to make the best marketing plan possible for you.

You will have a support team behind you that helps you one step at a time. From signing the contract to when you feel you can stand on your own, we will help you.

We help you to get started with sales and marketing, to reach your customers on all social platforms.

We give you support on all technical challenges and software when it suits you.

Our dealer portal Optifiles gives you tailor-made software/remaps, information about vehicles and possible power gains, and support so you can help your customers as best and effectively as you can.

We have dedicated persons that work with design, video and marketing within Optituning. This makes clothing and work-wear cheaper and results in unique market material for use on web or f.ex flyers.

Industry in development 

The industry is in constant development and growth. That means that parallel to the vehicle manufacturers we also need to develop.

Since 2011 we have focused on developing tailor-made software/remaps and all our tools are always up to date and licensed. We do not use piracy software. We have requirements to all of our dealers that their tools meet our requirements with licensing, have all the insurance needed, deliver the best possible customer service by our standard and only deliver software that has been developed and quality checked from us. This makes us the most serious company in the industry.

What we’ve noticed the last few years is that the industry is in constant growth. In the beginning of Optituning it was mostly young people with interest in cars that wanted a remap. This has evolved, where we today have customers in all ages with different needs.

It’s not only cars we remap. We have a good reputation in the transport- and construction industry where we remap everything from wheel loaders to trucks to agriculture vehicles. We invest in development to be a supplier of quality software, not only to heavy vehicles, but also ATVs, snowmobiles and stationary equipment with more. With focus on high quality and customer support over the years, this has made our brand something that reflects safety and quality for our customers which they are willing to pay for.

We want to continue to develop and grow what we do. That’s why we look for people that want to do this for a living, that have engine in their blood and want to develop themselves as a dealer under our franchise concept, and combine this with the rest of the Optituning family to deliver a safe customer experience to our customers. You can be the difference that changes how we all work within the brand and you can be the difference that changes the industry standard.

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