Is it safe to remap a brand new vehicle?

Normally this isn’t a problem, but we always recommend that you do a break-in on both engine and brakes before you do a remap, just for extra safety. If the vehicle has not been driven before and is brand new, it might take some time before you can feel the power gain. Although, the vehicle will eventually feel more and more powerful, as the sensors, gearbox and so on has done it’s adaptation.

What about insurance and so on?

Depending on which country you live in, you might have different regulations regarding gain in power, DPF/EGR/ADBLUE removal and other solutions. You should always check this before, and what is legal or not in your country.

What about vehicle warranty from the factory?

After a remap or other solutions applied to your vehicle, the warranty from the factory might not apply to your vehicle. Depending on what’s done with the vehicle, no dealership will give you a warranty on damage related to the engine because of heavy use or so on. However, damages on the vehicle in general that has nothing to do with the modifications done by a remap, does not affect the warranty.

What kind of warranty do I get?

We guarantee that the remap will give you the gain in power that we deliver (+/- some percentage since all vehicles are different). We also guarantee the work we do on the vehicle is by our standard and if something would go wrong during a remap.

If you’re not satisfied with the work that has been done, we have, as a standard to all of our dealers, reset of the ECU (how it was before the remap) free of charge.

– No cure, no pay.

Is a remap bad for the engine?

No, it’s not. However, it’s as important as always to follow all recommended intervals on changing oil and so on. If you really want to you’re able to damage the vehicle if it’s original as well as remapped. We would say that it’s actually harder to damage the vehicle after a remap mechanically since the engine works lighter. We do also have a lot of information on a lot of vehicles regarding specs and how much they actually can handle.

Why are cars not optimized from the factory?

Car manufacturers have the best engineers, no doubt. However, they have regulations to work with in all countries, making it impossible to make just one car. The manufacturers need to have different models depending on country, fuel consumption, exhaust gases, quality of the gasoline and so on. This is something they always have to think of when making a car. In addition to this, the easiest and “cheapest” way to deliver the same models but with different horsepower/torque is to edit the software, so they don’t have to develop 5 different engines in the same model. Cost effective and cheaper.

Does the engine and gearbox handle the remap?

We never flash a software on your vehicle we think can damage your engine or gearbox. Our tuners in Trondheim have a lot of experience from tuning, as well as cooperating with other companies around europe to deliver the best quality remap possible. All gain in power on each vehicle (car specific) is tested in dyno (vehicles with same engine/specs on different models) or through cooperation with other companies sharing experience. We also gather information from car manufacturers on how much power each component actually can handle. This makes us sure that our software does not damage the engine and gearbox.

Why does my friend have more power than my car?

Each car is unique. Everything depends on how worn the engine is, mileage and so on. Even with the same specs, some cars can be delivered with smaller injectors or turbo in the same range which makes it difficult to get more power in the car.

Our results are based on low mileage, well maintained cars under ideal circumstances. If something would appear after a tune/remap, the issue would probably appear at a point if the car was original.

Why is there no pricing on your webpage?

An Optituning dealer sets their own price based on a base price. Since all cars are unique, the pricing differs depending on the job. Some jobs we might need to remap directly to the ECU, while other jobs are easier with OBD only. Also, the pricing per country differs. Contact your nearest dealer for estimated pricing on your car.

How long does it take to remap?

This depends on the vehicle. Some vehicles can be remapped through  OBD, while others needs to be programmed directly in the ECU. Normally it takes around one hour to tune a car, however some vehicles can take longer (2-3 hours) depending on read/write times.

What are the benefits of remapping?

You have a whole range of benefits regarding remapping. In the end they are many, but it’s mainly three reasons this benefits you:

  • Less fuel consumption – resulting in more money saved
  • You’ll get the full potential out of your car
  • The engine will live a longer life

Do you remap the gearbox as well?

With a normal remapping we normally do not remap the gearbox. On some cars we make sure that the new remap on ECU and the gearbox works better together without a remap on the gearbox.

However, we are able to get more potential from your car with a gearbox remap. We are able to remap a wide range of gearboxes where the car will feel more aggressive and for some it’s the finishing touch.