Reprogramming, tuning, chipping – Different names but the same thing.

All modern vehicles have an ECU (Electronic Control Unit), which controls fuel, ignition, turbo pressure and much more.

When a vehicle manufacturer develops a new vehicle, they have to consider all sorts of regulations, climate and conditions in all countries. 

Often the vehicle manufacturer has the same kind of engine in different models, with a wide range of power, where software is the only difference between models with more or less power. Reason they do this is to be able to have a wider range of vehicles for customers. In addition they do this to save production cost, where it’s more cost effective to remap a car from the dealership than to develop brand new engines for each model.

This is where we come in and is the reason why we can do what we do, within the specs the vehicle is built for.

A remap is not only for your joy, but also for the health of the vehicle.

When we apply a remap, we increase power and torque, which again makes the engine more responsive and the engine can work better in a wider RPM range than before. More torque available in lower rpm range results in fewer gear changes and more power available in upper rpm range makes it safer to pass other cars without lack of power.

When an engine has more torque and more power, it works much more effectively and lighter, which again results in less fuel consumption. When we develop our remaps, we are strictly developing in the dyno, which simulates all driving conditions possible. This gives us an unique opportunity to deliver a remap that’s both tested and quality checked.

Ved utvikling av programvare buker vi et dynometer som simulerer kjøring under alle de gitte forhold vi ønsker. Dette kaller vi for en rullende landevei. Det gir oss en unik mulighet til å tilby en programvare som er nøye testet utprøvd og kvalitetssikret.
I dynobenken kan vi i tillegg tilby effektmåling og spesialtilpasset tuning til de av dere som ønsker å hente ut det absolutte maks.
Dette gir og muligheten for at HK & Nm kan dokumenteres for de som måtte ha behov for det.

Tuning or remapping of the car is mostly done via the OBD. Sometimes we need to remap directly in the ECU as some manufacturers have made it impossible to read/write through the OBD. Since we’re always using the original software in the ECU as base, sometimes some solutions take longer to make. We always strive to deliver what’s best for the customer, so that you as a customer get the best possible product available. A remap does not take 5 minutes, it depends on the vehicle, the solutions and much more. However, normally a remap, depending on the vehicle, takes on average between one to two hours.

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