Delivery terms
Current OptiTuning AS, Org no: 897380552

Minimum age
You must be 18 years of age to shop in our store.

Liability for card payments
OptiTuning AS is responsible for information that is transferred to the KLARNA payment site. When the customer is forwarded to the card payment site, it is KLARNA who is responsible.

Uncollected goods within 14 days.
Postage return for uncollected goods is invoiced to the customer with the addition of a return fee of 15% of the invoice value (depending on handling costs). If you fail to pick up the package at the post office, you will receive an invoice for uncollected shipping of 15% of the order value and shipping both ways, this to cover our return shipping costs, and our stock handling costs. In the event of non-payment, the claim will, after prior notice, be forwarded for collection.

Payment terms
At OptiTuning AS, you can choose between paying by card or clearing.
Terms for clear invoices can be found here
Terms for clear account can be found here:

Credit check
OptitTuning AS / Klarna reserves the right to credit check people if the customer relationship is new or other circumstances require this. All information obtained about the customer is deleted immediately.

Sales pledge
OptiTuning AS has a sales lien on the goods sold as security for its claim on the invoice sum with the addition of interest and costs, cf. §3-14 et seq. of the Pledge Act Goods sold on credit with a sales lien cannot be resold until the goods have been paid in full, unless otherwise agreed in writing before the goods are handed over.

All prices are stated in Norwegian kroner, including VAT.

Missing in delivery
Any defects in a delivery must be reported to OptiTuning AS as soon as it is discovered, and no later than 14 working days after the delivery has been received.

When it comes to tuning, this presupposes that the car is 100% in order, without defects and in original condition to achieve a successful tuning. If the car is faulty, the tuning will not work properly. Always make sure that the car is 100% in order before tuning the car. If the car turns out to contain faults, it will not be OptiTuning AS’s responsibility to find out. Under no circumstances is it permitted to read / copy / modify the software from OptiTuning AS. If this is done, there is a risk of legal action.

Defects or defects in the product.
If any defects or deficiencies in a product are discovered, this is reported within 14 days after the defect has been discovered, after the own attempt to find a solution to the problem does not succeed. If OptiTuning AS gives special instructions on how to handle the defect / complaint in order to find a solution to the problem, these instructions must be followed. We reserve the right to make errors, incorrect prices may have arisen, photos may deviate somewhat, and goods may have been discontinued by the supplier. If no defects are found with the product, OptiTuning AS can demand an inspection fee and demand return shipping covered.

Damage to postal products.
Check received package for external damage to packaging upon delivery. If damage is found, the clerk must be informed immediately and the package opened there and then for inspection of the item (s).
If damage to the item (s) is discovered at a later opening of the package and this is due to damage during transport, the post office / delivery point must be contacted and the item with the original packaging must be brought for inspection by the clerk.
OptiTuning AS must be kept continuously informed at all times and complaints must be submitted as soon as the item is received and no later than 7 days after delivery. Upon instruction from OptiTuning AS for return, this must be done within 7 days. The item must be sent as a Service Pack with tracking number, COLLECTION SHIPPING is not accepted and will not be picked up.

Delivery time
Items in stock are sent the same or the following day. In addition, there is a chartering period (normally 1-5 days within Norway). If the item is not in stock, the delivery time can be from about 2-3 weeks.

Actual delivery time depends on our suppliers’ ability to deliver. OptiTuning AS will state the expected delivery time upon request, calculated based on information from our suppliers. Stated delivery times are not binding without a written agreement.

Validity of the order
An order is valid when the order confirmation is received. The order confirmation is given per. e-mail. Upon order confirmation, it is implicitly given that the buyer agrees to follow OptiTuning AS’s terms of sale. An order / order is valid until the item has been delivered, the item has been canceled or OptiTuning AS in writing per. email cancels order.

Uncollected goods
If you fail to pick up the package at the post office, you will receive an invoice for uncollected shipping of up to 25% of the item’s value, as well as actual return shipping costs. This is to cover our return shipping costs, and our handling costs. In the event of non-payment, the claim will, after prior notice, be forwarded for collection.

Cancellation and return.
If you cancel the item before delivery, it follows the Consumer Purchase Act that the seller can not maintain the purchase and demand payment. Unless otherwise stated in the agreement, the seller may instead claim compensation for losses as a result of the cancellation. A normal replacement can be agreed upon cancellation. After the item has been delivered, it is not exempt from paying the purchase price even if the item is returned to the seller. The obligation to pay still lapses if the agreement gives you the right to return the item.

Returns apply to private individuals:
Within Norway, OptiTuning AS follows the principles in the Withdrawal Act for returns with the right to a refund. The Right of Withdrawal Act covers sales where it is the seller who takes the initiative for the transaction, e.g. via Direct Mail, or an offer to the buyer by telephone sale on the seller’s initiative. This also applies to sales via websites. The item must be returned to OptiTuning AS within 14 days of receipt. For returns where the item is not in substantially the same condition as upon receipt, no right of return is granted unless this has been expressly agreed in writing with OptiTuning AS in advance. In such cases, one can not expect to be reimbursed the full amount, but deducted an amount corresponding to the impairment of the item.
If the buyer cannot return the item in substantially the same condition and quantity as he received it, he can only withdraw from the agreement if it is not due to a lack of due care on his part that the item has perished or deteriorated.
There is no right of return where the seal is broken. In the event of a correctly completed return (according to the withdrawal period), the full price of the item will be refunded. DOES NOT APPLY TO OTHER SOFTWARE PRODUCTS FOR BREACH OF SEAL.

The item must be sent as a Service Pack with tracking number, COLLECTION SHIPPING is not accepted and will not be picked up.

Returns apply to companies, public institutions and businesses.
No returns are accepted without this being agreed in writing in advance. We still try to be flexible in taking goods back and arrange a solution that is acceptable to both parties.

Right of complaint
Right of complaint in accordance with the provisions of the Purchase Act / Consumer Purchase Act.

Warranty on all products follows the manufacturer’s warranty and will be written on the relevant product if this is included. The manufacturer guarantees the product’s functionality during the warranty period. The warranty does not normally cover defects due to improper or unintentional use, external damage or inadequate maintenance. The guarantee only covers the product itself, not any additional products or information that the buyer has added to the product. Work money or other expenses associated with an error or breakage are not covered. Nor labor costs in connection with installation of the product. The customer himself must bear the return costs of the product, this will be refunded in the event of an approved complaint / guarantee. The item must be sent as a Service Package with tracking number. If no defects are found with the product, we can demand an inspection fee and demand return shipping covered.

Violation of sales conditions
An agreement on a sale is considered broken if the buyer chooses not to adhere to the terms of sale that were agreed upon when entering into the order. This breach also exempts OptTuning AS from not necessarily complying with standard terms of sale. Expenses incurred by OptiTuning AS due to breach of the terms of sale shall be paid by the buyer.

Disputes that may arise in the event of disagreement about provisions or conditions belong to the ordinary courts, with Trondheim District Court as venue. All legal issues that may arise shall be assessed in accordance with Norwegian law at this venue.

Major force
If OptiTuning AS is prevented from delivering, or making a compulsory re-delivery, and this becomes unreasonably burdensome as a result of a labor dispute, or is every other circumstance when the parties cannot control it, OptiTuning AS is exempt from all liability other than in complaints.

100% satisfaction guarantee
The guarantee is valid for 30 days upon presentation of the original receipt. You as a customer are obliged to notify of defects you believe are affected by a 100% satisfaction guarantee within 30 days of receiving the item / product. 100% satisfaction guarantee does not apply if faults / defects are discovered on vehicles that affect tuning in the way that it does not work properly. We invoke the right to try to correct what you think is wrong 3 times before you can invoke the right to cancel the purchase.

The vehicle owner’s responsibility
The owner of the vehicle is obliged to notify SVV / insurance company of increased performance or changes to the vehicle. Car owners who are to have registered increased performance in vehicle cards are obliged to report to SVV, the tax authorities and the insurance company the person in question uses. Here, there is a requirement for documentation of performance before / after, as well. documentation of emissions before / after.
When removing / blocking the EGR / DPF / ADBLUE, the vehicle will lose its type approval. It is your responsibility as the owner of the vehicle to check this in advance.